Hit the water in style with the Waterdream s-850 Speedster

Waterdream builds the ‘king of sloops’

A top speed of over eighty kilometres an hour, chilled wine on board, top quality speakers for the ultimate sound experience and LED lighting which can change colour in time with the music. The new Waterdream s-850 Speedster offers all this and more, earning it the sobriquet ‘the king of sloops’. This is the world’s fastest boat in its class, hand-built in the Netherlands to a unique design and with an eye for detail. The Waterdream s-850 Speedster represents unsurpassed luxury.

Dutch Design

The Dutch company Waterdream has developed the Speedster based on its highly successful 850 model. The limited edition Speedster – there will be only five – is hand-painted in the colours of the Pata Yamaha Official World Superbike Team. This distinctive shade of blue is exclusive to Yamaha racing bikes, which are made in the same factory as the Speedster’s engines.

Other design features:

  • Analogue instruments in concealed stainless steel housings. The only visible gauges are those showing speed, RPM, trim and fuel level.

  • The traditional steering console has been replaced by a polished and lacquered aluminium column.

  • The rounded cabin design provides an extra 15 centimetres’ headroom. The hatch can be secured using leather straps.

  • The hand-crafted folding table is adjustable in height and can be stowed under the seats when not in use.

  • Toilet and Espresso machine

  • Hand-stitched leather upholstery.

Technical specifications:

  • Yamaha V6 4-stroke, 300 hp, 4.2 litre engine

  • Fuel capacity approximately 300 litres

  • Automatic trim tabs provide extra stability at any speed

  • Special intakes to ensure adequate air supply to the engine

  • 2 x 12 volt supply outlets in the cabin, 12 volt outlet/USB
    alongside the buddy seat

  • Double-stepped hull with Neosil coating (which reduces wat er friction and has been shown to increase the top speed by over 3 km/h)


Speed and class

he Speedster is undoubtedly the fastest sloop in the world. Its Yamaha 4.2 litre V6 four-stroke 300 hp speed prop engine can thrust it across the water at over 80 km/h. Automatic trim tabs virtually eliminate listing and heeling at any speed, enabling your guests to enjoy their drinks and nibbles in comfort! The Speedster even has its own onboard wine refrigerator, as well as hand-stitched leather upholstery and a top-of-the-range sound and lighting system.


Waterdream was founded by Bernhard van Oranje in 2012, since when it has established a sound reputation for high-quality aluminium boats, all hand-made to the very highest specifications and with a fine eye for detail. For example, the Speedster s-850 has a 110 cm carbon-fibre steering wheel, something that has never before been seen in a boat of this size. The sleek design of the engine compartment, with no handles or protuberances, allows it to double as a comfortable sundeck. The luxury look-and-feel is completed by the unique lighting design by Wakersdelight. The Speedster’s seating area is trimmed with BleufinLed LEDs which extend below the waterline and which can be set to change colour with the beat of the music.

The ultimate sound experience

The Speedster’s designers were keen to create the ultimate sound experience. They called in two of the leading experts in the field, Rockford Fosgate and Pim Temsen. The result is a system with six speakers, two sub-woofers, output of over 3000 Watts and a DIP computer to ensure that the sound is distributed evenly throughout the boat.

Bernhard van Oranje: “Although we have used the same hull design as the standard s-850, everything else about the Speedster is entirely new. Over 25 people have been involved in its design and construction. The end result demonstrates why the Dutch boatbuilding industry enjoys such a high global reputation. We are really proud to have brought Yamaha’s racing DNA onto the water with the fastest sloop ever built, combining unprecedented speed with unparalleled luxury.”

De Waterdream s-850 Speedster is made to order and went into production in late October 2016. Price from €190.000.